Lindsey Beres


I've been lucky to have a wealth of experiences over the years to really hone in on what the best work/life experience is for me. After owning a digital marketing agency for over a decade, founding a nonprofit, various marketing contract work and founding a second outdoor/tech company... I have made the decision that I'd love to work for a team! I know that sounds backwards; most people work to be entrepreneurs! Well, I'm doing it backwards!
I'd like to bring my experience, scrappy pivoting practice, market knowledge and more to the outdoor industry and work with an awesome team! I have done a ton of training in workplace efficiency, communication, team dynamics, etc so I can fit in with pretty much anyone! In the agency I employed software developers (aka our cave monkeys) to super eccentric designers.
Would love to find a team that values my previous experiences and leverages them to move the needle on their product, campaign or strategies.