Stephen G Martin


At my core, I am a creator, continually looking for new opportunities and outlets to challenge and test my abilities. In my previous position as Media Manager for the outdoor media publication, OutThere Colorado, I was a vital member of the content creation team, constantly traveling and fulfilling large client projects across Colorado. I have since developed my own media agency covering the outdoor industry and beyond. Visit my portfolio here:

As a Veteran, I am proud of my military career and look to bring those experiences into new workplaces to promote good core values and strong teamwork with every company I work for. I know that these prior experiences and unique sets of skills set up me well for future jobs and pursuing my career in media without the Outdoor Industry.

I am looking to find new clients and projects with creative brands across the west. I have considerable skills in photography, videography, and design, and am comfortable taking on all tasks of project management on travel projects to include; talent acquisition, production planning, and large scale permitting for commercial media needs.