Jessica Cloeter


Growing up in a family that spent more time outdoors than in, we each had our assigned job in camp. Mine was always building the campfire. I would meticulously gather the right materials for kindling, select the optimal pieces of larger wood, carefully plan my structure, light the flint to generate a spark and breath life into it to watch the flames grow.

After 13 years in agency, corporate and small business environments, I remain passionate about igniting that fire within brands by building connections with audiences and increasing awareness of services, products and brands through high-impact marketing.

My recent career ventures have seen me building profitable companies from business management and development aspects, an endeavor that requires a strong background in customer insight, an ability to identify and communicating market niche, and a comprehensive understanding of the vast options of marketing mediums to deliver the message to the right consumers.

Whether it is pioneering a marketing communication strategy to propel a new service line or product into the market or a developing a brand voice that breathes life into a company culture and insights consumers, I partner with companies to ignite growth. Are you ready to strike the match?

Core Capabilities:
• Financial and Revenue Cycle Management
• Strategic Planning
• Consumer and Market Research
• Social Media Marketing
• Brand Messaging
• Public Relations
• Content Development
• Event Coordination
• Website Management & Search Engine Marketing
• Promotional Marketing