S. Martine Prouty


My 10+ years of digital marketing and branding experience has helped past employers create, deploy and measure effective strategies that influence, brand, and drive sales. My focus on a customer experience that adds value to the purchase has lead to measurable increases in repeat business (LTV) and new business (CPA). My experience collaborating with teammates and cross-functionally between silos has produced integrated campaigns that match and ladder with C-level strategy, while still meeting departmental goals.

I’m now looking for to bring my branding and digital marketing skills and experience to a company that can benefit from my international experience, work with multiple high-level spokespeople and influencers, strategic thinking and history at a fast-paced, pre-IPO startup.

At work: Believer that customer experience drives repeat clients AND new acquisitions. A focus on strategic problem solving and efficient project management, while being guided by organizational mission and values.

Away from the office: Family comes first, followed by travel, and seeking out new challenges and experiences.

Inside: ESTJ
Strength Finder Top 5: Achiever, Strategic, Significance, Analytical & Deliberative