David Gerber


1) I help companies properly manage and grow their Recurring Revenue.
2) Process fundamentals are more important than the technology; I help companies get it right.
3) I help small & mid-size businesses get their sales, marketing & strategy systematized.
4) I help business owners prepare for an exit at higher values, or acquire strategically.

1) Recurring revenue is the life blood of most businesses. Very few manage it well; if at all.
2) No technology can overcome bad fundamentals. Great fundamentals don't need as much technology.
3) Repeatable processes are critical to a small business. They are a requirement for stability and growth.
4) Selling, or acquiring, a business is challenging. Don't "wing it." I'll help you get it right.

1) Reniew Software tells you EVERYTHING about your Recurring Revenue is seconds.
2) I have a proven framework (S.A.F.R.) to automate your processes the right way the first time.
3) We establish vision, purpose and frameworks to create repeatable systems that drive accountability.
4) Decades of experience running companies and a network of highly-qualified experts to deliver results you can measure.

“David is one of the very best people I know at making solutions successful. He understands business, people, and what it takes to make something work for both. I always want him by my side when I look for this kind of solution.” Peter Meyer – CEO, The Meyer Group

“I've worked with David for over 10 years. His integrity and honesty are truly unparalleled in the industry. It's more like a partnership, than a typical client/vendor relationship. I can always count on him to look out for what's best for my company and provide solutions to very complex problems. ” Melanie Sloan – IT Project Mgr, Advance Auto Parts