Melanie Martin


Hi! I'm an administrative professional with experience in accounting (payables and receivables) data entry, 10 key by touch and general administrative experience. I have three years at a lifestyle contractor (Spirit Silkscreens) that had provided screen printing services to Quiksilver. At Spirit I assisted with facilities maintenance, accounts payable including discounts and check runs, in accounts receivable generating invoices from shippers, as well as applying cash receipts, and payroll data entry. I also assisted with unemployment claims tracking and administration (due to cyclical layoffs in the industry).

I've included my industry-relevant experience below. Please see my resume for more recent experience and my Linkedin profile for a recent professional reference.

While my more recent experience is in mortgage, I am seeking to transition back permanently to an admin or accounting role.

On the personal side, I was a vegetarian for 17 years now trying to get veganized! Barefoot driver, in flip flops almost 24/7. Amateur photographer (I've uploaded some of my photos just for fun), I love retro/vintage things; I drive a Honda Odyssey and enjoy sitting at the beach, side doors on my van open listening to the waves! I am a certified Lushie (lover of Lush products) and grew up playing in the sand in Huntington Beach, CA. I'm currently a resident of Irvine, CA.