Mary Eggers

Mary Eggers

Apparel Innovator + Technical Design Pro

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I am a maker.

In my over 12 years working in apparel design I've designed, developed and made with my own two hands clothing, costumes and accessories for men, women, women who need to look like men (and vis versa), dancers, aerialists, clowns, hip hop dancers, gymnasts, kiddos, teens, tweens, ballerinas, opera divas, etc etc etc..

The point is, I have an understanding for the body, how it moves and its relationship to clothing. My production work informs everything I do because clothing for the stage is clothing that is taken to the max. It needs to tumble, back flip, high kick, split jump, explode and come back together, over and over and over again. The parallels to high performance costumes and high performance active outdoors wear are many. If you're looking for someone who runs towards a challenge, says "hell yes" when others say "no way", and who knows way too much about how to reinforce crotch and underarm seams, I'm your gal.

I'm a recent transplant back to Portland, OR who is looking for the next career move. Let's have a chat and see how I can help your team develop the best, most innovative apparel on the market.


"Mary’s high design standards and creative approach to problem solving make even tight schedules manageable and difficult projects a pleasure. She is a great collaborator and knows how to bring out the best in each member of the team by alternately challenging, encouraging and supporting. Working with her is always a great experience. She is a true partner and a gifted designer."
-Sarah Jane Hardy Artistic Director, NW Children's Theater