Roozbeh Bahramali

Roozbeh Bahramali

Strategic Brand & Marketing Development + Creative Services

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My name is Roozbeh, and I am a "Multidisciplinary Creative", with a passion for creating engaging, value driven, "Multi-sensory Brand and Marketing Communication Solutions" across all channels and customer touchpoint’s.

A international and holistic expert in seamless orchestration, and integration of the “strategy, information, technology, creativity, ethics, aesthetics, and style", across all media, audiences, and geographies.

I was educated in one of the top Fashion Schools, Design and, Multimedia Universities in Europe and have worked in North America, Europe and the Middle East for a variety of companies, corporations, fashion houses and international multimedia firms like Walt Disney Consumer Products, Walt Disney Records, Calvin Klein, Wrangler, Metal, Universal Studios, Mazda, Espn, Visa, to name a few.

I invite you to visit my website at - and unfold the possibilities.

Roozbeh Bahramali
Creative Director
+1 949 . 278 . 8359