Travis Moore


My professional background is as diverse as I am. My wife and I have a 6 year old son who is my can of spinach and my kryptonite. As a husband, father, friend, marketer, snowboarder, eCommerce and online guru I am efficient and integral in any growth stage, in that I am a practitioner and an educator in anything online. Being patient and empathetic to the needs of those around me helps me listen and learn what’s important and helps me bring disproportionate value to every person I interact with and their brand. I have many short and long term personal goals that are unique and already in play. Point being, I am rooted however also open to opportunity depending on where the future may take us.

My passion is my family and snowboarding. My experience as a retail and eCommerce ski and snowboard sales and marketing manager was some of the best times in my professional career. I am teaching my son to pursue his passions at an early age. I am ready to make a meaningful impact in the snowboard industry now that I have the agency and global marketing experience that I have in my quiver.

When we work together you can expect hyper focus and count on me to be constantly consuming data around new tactics, technologies and personal growth. My core fundamentals are parallel with personal growth and EQ, emotional awareness. Let’s dialog a bit more and see if we are a good fit for our future.