Joe Hillestad

Joe Hillestad

Graphic Designer

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Joe Hillestad is a designer based in Minnesota, and a recent graduate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. Joe has always had an interest in problem solving and complex ideas. Design, typography and motorcycle building have allowed him to explore an entire new world of expression and complexities that have presented themselves in the past.

He continues to cultivate his need for new information and want for new methods of communication by, not only studying, but becoming a part of graphic design. Joe’s interest in design dates back to when he was in elementary school, drawing letters and exploring surface ideas of art and design.

Quietly and vigorously, Joe's limitless creativity allow him to solve problems in innovative ways. Whether it’s a digital environment, a print publication, a motorcycle, or a typeface, he projects the underlying idea of communication in it’s purest form.