Jitender Korotania


My background includes as Country Manager, handling makers as well buyers with regards to Merchandising and heading team of merchandising, as well training them. Having more than 21 years of experience to handle major retailers based out of USA,
My responsibilities included handling customer and makers, breaking PO, sourcing and getting the right products to warehouse and stores.

I worked with major retailers and huge manufacturing units and demonstrated the ability to act fast on variety of issues such as on time shipping, quality control, color approvals, trims and accessories approval Even training manufacturers team so that they can lookafter our orders as per our requirements.
Travelled to over 20 countries in ASIA / AFRICA, MID EAST NORTH AMERICA.

In addition to this experience, I have very strong communication and leadership skill and have crated and can create new teams to work and function as per requirements. I am self-motivated and motivate others