Christopher Kahrs


I’m a huge people person who loves all things creative and I’m almost always smiling. I believe in thoughtful, authentic internal communications and events that grow and elevate the culture, and reinforce the larger strategic goals of the company. Internal communications done right will keep the org connected and motivated, while ensuring that everyone has all the key information they need to focus on their job and deliver work that moves the company forward.

I have lots of experience producing and leading video projects focused on internal brand and culture. Storytelling in any medium is a great way to motivate, connect, and engage employees. I love being able to deliver videos and stories to employees that get them hyped and remind them why it’s awesome to work here. Seeing the look on someone’s face while they watch a piece of content that inspires or excites is my favorite thing ever. I’m highly motivated to find new ways to surface that inspiration for folks with my comms work.

On the weekends, you’ll find me at art museums, music shows, or on the beach with my 7 year old son. I’m an artist too, so ask me what I’ve been experimenting with lately (recently it has been acrylics, and I may never be able to wash all this paint off).