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Our people are good at what they do. We are adventurers and explorers; designers and developers. We are creative, driven and detail-oriented. We find beauty in boldness and style in simplicity. And we’re united by a shared goal: to create unique gear that looks as good as it works and comes back in one piece—trip after trip, year after year.

When we’re not creating, you can find us testing our gear out in the wild. Our ranks include rock climbers, cyclists, anglers, thru-hikers, runners, ping pong (or... table tennis) champions, gardeners, skateboarders, globetrotters and so much more.

Who We Are
It’s in our name for a reason. Our roots are in design, and always will be.

Everything we make is created with intention—from the placement of durable zippers on our products, to continuously smooth navigation on our website, to our unique partnerships and collaborations. We sweat the small stuff.

We are always learning, seeking inspiration, and tirelessly searching for ways to make our products better.