Christy Pogorelac


Hello! My name is Christy Pogorelac, and I'm obsessed with connecting with people through products that make a difference in their day to day.

I have spent the last 15 years of working in the development and marketing of branded consumer goods. I have been fortunate in the opportunity to wear a variety of hats in various roles, working on traditional media campaigns, social media strategy and planning, event marketing, onsite promotions, market research, international marketing and product marketing and development.

I have played a large role in contributing to the growth of my current organization, growing from a $12 million dollar company (in 2005) to almost $100 million with approximately 25% market share in the US infant feeding segment. Currently, we sell more baby bottles in the USA than any other brand, and we have increased our global distribution to 65 countries.

In my current role, I am the Director of Product Marketing for Handi-Craft Company. We are the makers of the Dr. Brown's line of infant feeding and soothing products. In this role, I report to our Owner and our Board of Directors. I am responsible for the lives of all of our products that are developed & sold globally. Handi-Craft is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and I am responsible for leading several teams, while working remotely from San Clemente, California.