Max Alatorre


From an early age I've been drawn to the outdoors, family camp trips and team sports were the foundations of a life lived outdoors. Summers were for surfing and soccer. Winters for BMX, skating, dabbling in winter sports and basketball. This was my outdoors life through high school.

In college I found out that getting outdoors wasn't all fire rings, shade structures and winning and losing. Rather a versatile way to get away from crowds , see sights, and disconnect from WiFi and reconnect to clean air . I learned camping can be done out of a pack not just a trunk, running could be done between trees and not homes, and mostly getting outdoors isn’t concluded with a win or loss.

My roots to the outdoors are stronger than ever. My job allows me to both outfit and inspire coworkers, customers and friends and family to "get away from it all" weather that's via plane, car, bike or boot.

Currently, I'm chasing the dream of becoming a professional soccer referee in my spare time, and trying to climb 5.11. For business I work at REI in supervisory role on the sales floor.

I hope to grow with the outdoor industry and make a career outfitting outdoor enthusiasts, inspiring guides and protecting our wild lands and outdoor spaces.