Christina Dimas


Headline:: Expert in using research to drive innovative new product development. Focused on sustainable design & the circular economy.

I’m a product manager and market research specialist with over 8 years of professional experience developing consumer goods. As a super nerd I have an inherently curious nature and enjoy digging into market data to identify new trends and then investigating the social, psychological, or economic forces that might be behind those trends; basically, finding, and then connecting, the dots to reveal unique market opportunities. I believe my broad education combined with my corresponding work experiences allow me to approach product development from a creative perspective, a sustainability perspective, as well as a business perspective in order to build a comprehensive view of the needs-area and potential solutions.

I’m great at working independently on the detail-level ‘work of the work’ but prefer collaborating with cross-functional teams on executing brand strategy through creative brainstorming and product development that fully leverages everyone’s unique expertise and experience in order to create innovative products and services.

I’ve recently relocated to Colorado and am actively pursuing new job opportunities both in the Denver-Boulder area and in remote roles across the US. While my main focus is in circular design and sustainability, I’d love to connect with any CPG company, B-Corp, or social enterprise that might be looking for someone with my skill set. I can be reached through this profile or my online portfolio at