Amanda Holub


If you are looking for a trend-setter offering unique and innovative creations look no further than me!

I am a vibrant, artistic, young & upbeat Fashion Designer with hands-on experience in providing designs that are unique, tasteful, and up-to-date. I possess sound knowledge of the fashion industry with my demonstrated history in design and product development. Highly skilled in print development, color development, etc…

Being extremely motivated by the business of fashion and styling, I am skilled in designing and trend forecasting for apparel as well as accessories and home decor. I have excellent expertise in the areas of research, analysis, and brand awareness. I’m a reliable and responsible person whom great trust can be placed in. I show great determination in my work, and I complete projects to the highest of standards within tight deadlines. I take the initiative, work diligently, learn quickly, and take great pride in a job well done. My participation in taking a Leadership Effectiveness Workshop has made me an effective communicator who excels in a team dynamic.

Creative to my core and passionately interested in the world around me, I have taken my keen eye and attention to detail and channeled it toward design, and creating beautiful concepts that reflect not only the customer’s taste but their interest and passions as a person. I received my Associates Degree in product development from one of the top fashion institutes in the country, The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) which equipped me to successfully take a collection from concept to consumer.

I revel in the constant building of knowledge in new areas of my craft & ever-changing business. I am looking forward to new challenges constantly enhancing my skills and expertise while maintaining a professional attitude making me a valuable addition to any team.