Refaeli Yaofei Ma


Hi, my name is Refaeli Yaofei Ma.

Eight years ago, I started my design journey in Fashion Design. I learned how to look at the world emotionally, and how to use this understanding of emotional needs and trends to design attractive products. Fashion Design is not only about beautiful creations, but also about constructing a miniature representation of the society and culture. This is not enough for me; I crave a more profound design philosophy.

Product Design has given me more skills and a brand new dimension to observe this world; I can design sensible and rational products through logical research and analysis of customers' emotional needs. The design process is a reflective process for me. I get a lot and see a lot while solving each problem. Meeting different users and continuously transposing considerations made me more empathetic than before. I now always imagine how users will engage with my designs and anticipate that their high standards are as high as my own. I’m picky; I have to make sure that every detail is considered, every texture is explored, and each experience is curated emotionally.

Product Design is not just about you and me, form and function; it’s polyphonic music that we write together with emotion and functional melody.