Samantha Hansen

Samantha Hansen

Experienced Sales Professional Looking To Positively Impact a New Organization - The Closer

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While you won’t find the title “Founder or “President” on my resume, my career has revolved around my entrepreneur skill set and my high-minded ambitions. My life has been a journey of discovery, fueled by curiosity and desire to achieve results that others deemed impossible. In 7th grade, I started a business selling candy to other students and paying a commission to 5 of my friends. It wasn’t long before I found myself in principles office along with 3 legal representatives from Coca-Cola. I was forced to stop selling on campus due to a breach of contract held between Coca-Cola and the school district. I learned 3 invaluable things that day that kick-started my passion for excellence.

1. Fail Forward/Failure is an opportunity to learn
2. Dreams without a plan are only wishes
3. You are who you surround yourself with

As the youngest student to graduate from Westminster College, I possess the desire needed to stay self-motivated and contagiously ambitious.