Michelle Galyardt

Michelle Galyardt

Production Artist/Designer at Classic Impressions

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As a designer, I believe I excel in being able to grasp the entire picture or project in order to examine and refine the aspects of it down to the last pixel. I am very detail oriented even when it comes to working in a fast paced environment with tight deadlines. I have immense enthusiasm for learning, I thrive on change and new challenges which gives me the energy and passion for travel, unconventional work hours and creativity.

Hailing from the Heartland (aka Kansas–you gotta say it with that midwest twang), my life changed in an instant when I moved to Aspen. I had left the secure safety bubble of Wichita, KS to live this thrilling life with endless possibilities, something that has translated easily into my creative endeavors. Fast forward 7 years and a move to the Pacific Northwest (never been happier or more influenced by my surroundings than I am now) and those endeavors are becoming realities with the varying experiences and hard work I have put in over the years. Always looking towards the next adventure and what surprises it might bring.