Marcos Camargo do Canto e Castro



- Objectives: Director \ Executive \ C-Level - Business Development, Intl. Relations, Board Member;

- Assist countries and/or multinational companies to develop new strategies and/or business relationship with other countries;
- Help companies interested in buying/investing in companies in Brazil to identify markets and goals and help Brazilian companies in attracting investment/finance and/or introduction of new investors and selling companies;
- Responsible for business/project negotiations, C-level contacts (inside the company or facing the customers’ board members), winning strategies and sales (profit) oriented; experienced in projects and/or companies’ start-ups and shutdowns;

- More than 15 years’ Project Management background, using PMI standards;
- Dynamic, polyglot with large overseas experience;
- Teamworking spirit; manage resources (multi-cultural teams) to perform the organization's global objectives provided by the corporation;

- Excellent “sniffer” and “business matchmaker”, identifying K contacts for business development;
- Senior professional, with more than 25 years’ working in different areas;
- Responsible for prospecting and start new relationships with customers interested in M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and/or fundraising, opening a channel of communication with investors (companies and funds) and the promotion of new business internationally;

- Geek, tech/gear and advanced program/tools user. Able to format PCs, change OS, install software e etc. Microsoft Windows registered beta tester, since Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1 and Win 10; (MS Operational System user since DOS).
- Microsoft Office registered beta tester, since MSO 2003, MSO 2007, MSO 2013/365 and MSO 2016.

- Deeply knowledge about Luxury Industry;
- Aircraft Sales (Helicopters).

[email protected] / +55 (11) 9-8899-0001