Connor Bush


Years ago, I achieved the rank of Shodan (black-belt) in Danzan-ryu jujitsu.

It took me twelve, humbling years to get to that point and I nearly quit at least a dozen times along the way. Despite the long hours of training, the black-and-blue bruises, and the missed nights out with friends, I pressed forward. Occasionally faltering, but never failing.

These days, I still practice jujitsu; however, more and more I am putting that determination and humility into my work as a Sales Executive with Bluegrace Logistics. I need not grapple with my opponents to win a trophy... but I do have to make sure our team is winning business.

My unique frame of reference allows me to have confidence when tackling multi-disciplinary projects and the humility to know when to look for guidance. Whether at the work place, in the classroom, or on the mats of the dojo, I am looking for a challenge, solutions-oriented, and finding a better way.

Contact me if you would like to talk logistics, beer, or jujitsu.