Pedro Mendez

Pedro Mendez

Human Resources Manager

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I have been working as Human Resource Manager at my current employment for the past two years. As I did not have previous experience in the position prior to this job, I received training from an HR consulting firm that the company was using prior to me coming on board. They did intensive training and with that training, coupled with my past experiences, I have acquired the skills necessary to become an effective in Human Resources. I take care of everything that encompasses Human Resources for the company: interviewing, hiring, orientation, training and development, payroll, benefits, coaching and monitoring, and whatever other tasks are needed and/or required in order to keep our company and staff operating to the fullest potential.

The most important aspect of being in Human Resources, is never forgetting the "human" part of it. Some of the concepts that are involved are a complete other language to most employees, so being compassionate to their lack of understanding and taking the time to help them navigate is crucial to their motivation and desire to remain a valuable and contributing member of the company. It's a fine line that must be towed between reconciling the company needs with those of the employees that work in it, but with compassion and understanding is not a hard line to maintain.