Silvio Capoferri


I am a dedicated Illustrator with over 8 years of experience designing graphic apparel, show/festival flyers, album art, packaging design, branding and more.

Silvio’s Pizzeria is a brand through which I design and produce merchandise inspired by the charmingly retro yet lowbrow Jersey Shore boardwalks, punk rock, cartoons, and fast food. With this brand I hope to express that, my true self, and vision.

I was cofounder, comanager, and sole designer for underground/local music inspired limited-run clothing brand ASS BACKWARDS™ from 2012-2018 in New York City. This brand embedded in me a passion for design, branding, customer service, and DIY ethos.

In 2018 I relocated to Huntington Beach, California with aspirations to expand my opportunities and develop my career. I am always eager to learn and grow as an artist and creator.