Maurice Ugwonoh

Maurice Ugwonoh

Creative Director at Noah's Ark Communications

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My grandmother would say, “If the lion does not tell his story, the hunter will”. As a boy, I took those words literally. But as years grew, I realized that what that mantra demanded of me, was to tell the world my story.

Since those frequent nights listening to phenomenal tales under a harvest of stars, I came to know the power of stories. Stories rekindle our reasons for being. Fires our passion to make a difference.

But after influencing one audience at a time, I desired more. I desired to move not just mountains, but men with hearts of mountain. That was when I discovered Marketing Comunications.

Brands are personifications of enduring promises. I have spent most of my 13 years as a marketing specialist rekindling consumers hope through Advertising, Experiential Marketing, Public Relations and Digital Marketing. This career safari took me through JWT Lagos, Leo Burnet Lagos, FKG2, FCB Impact, DDB Lagos and Noah’s Ark where I've had the distinct pleasure of telling brand stories for Africa’s biggest brands like Unilever, Cadbury, Proctor & Gamble, British American Tobacco, Skye Bank, Glo, MTN, QuickTeller, Indomie & Airtel.

A wise man who knows proverbs can reconcile difficulties. I guess my penchant for connecting consumers and brands through stories have deemed me noteworthy. In 2012, I won Silver at EPICA awards for a Nike Foundation project Girl Hub with a print Ad called “speechless”, Nigeria’s first International award at a global award show. Since then, I have won considerable awards at the African Cristal Awards, Loeries and Laif awards. And in 2017, my written TV commercial for Airtel "LOST" won Gold at EPICA in Berlin while winning the Grand Prix at LAIF awards in Lagos and lauded one of the world's most hilarious TV spots by ADweek.

Today I'm on my journey, never settling as I seek greater audiences to win and newer stories to tell. Because smooth seas never make great sailors, and a wise man never knows all, only fools know everything.