Glen Farraye


I am a senior level executive and merchant with a career of 30 + years in corporate and entrepreneurial environments, both in public and private sectors, across wholesale, retail and e-tail channels. I am a creative specialist with regard to ideating, cultivating, consummating Brands and businesses, leading to profitable customer acquisition and retention.
My tenures have included launching new Brands and businesses, repairing and resuscitating distressed Brands and businesses, reinventing heritage Brands and businesses, accelerating growth of opportunistic Brands and businesses, as well as, exiting Brands and businesses through most economic practices.
Throughout my career, all departmental functions have reported to me, such as Design, Merchandising, Sourcing, Production, Traffic, Fulfillment, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Finance.
I have hired, developed and directed many extraordinarily talented executives.
My 360 management experiences and successes afford me the ability to lead from any most senior level, whether an all-encompassing assignment (CEO/President), or isolated assignments in concentrated areas of any business (COO-CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, CMO-CHIEF MERCHANDISING OFFICER, CMO-CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER). I can be a heavy lifter when needed or required. I have had total P&L accountability. I understand that managing a budget and owning a P&L are two drastically different obligations.
Over the course of my career, I have serviced all levels of distribution, namely: Macy’s, Nordstrom, JC Penney, Sears, Kohl’s, Walmart, branches of the military and the clubs (Costco, Sam’s Club). As a result, I have been exposed to many trials, tribulations and complexities. Additionally, I have engineered and executed direct-to-consumer business platforms.
As part of my career learnings, I have identified a formula for being successful in the consumer products industry that I stand by. I call it the 7 P’s To Perform:
Purpose or Proposition - (capitalize on a demand, or fill a white space)
Personality – (Brand ethos – impression of your company)
People – (talent, chemistry, culture)
Product – (focused with price, quality, delivery that you claim to be)
Presentation – (how you look to your customer)
Promotion – (what you say to your customer)
Partnership – (who you do it with)
My success has been driven by three major attributes, which are leader, manager, operator.
Motivational Leader
I believe in mentorship. My philosophy is a good leader doesn’t create followers, but instead more leaders.
I have witnessed that my passion has been infectious. I contradict the cliché’, “it’s business, don’t take it personal”. I personalize all my business simply because I live and breathe it… I am exceptional with building quality relationships at all levels and associations, by way of respect, rapport and reward. I have a high standard of integrity which is based on being fair, honest and loyal.
Effective Manager
I’m more of a “project management” executive based on fundamentals: What is required? What are the resources? What is the timeline? What are all the perspectives?
I have an all-inclusive mentality feeling that shared awareness is important. Communication is key. I believe in shared perspectives from management, associates, partners and the customer. I am intuitive, whereby, successfully proven in assessing talent, assembling teams and delegating assignments.
I believe analytics are essential, leading with research and critical thinking, drilling down on best practices, identifying P&L obstructers and items that are taxing on working capital and cash flow. I manage with a matrix perspective of optimizing time, assets, resources and finances. Being solutions oriented, I can be adaptive, but open to being innovative even if it means being disruptive…
Proficient and Productive Operator
I am a 360 operator, a Ground Zero overseer from the basement to the penthouse floor. I have a wealth of diverse business intellect.
I believe in having a partner every step of the way. It’s important to always have another point of view… I believe in ownership of a task and the disciplines of planning and preparation, process, protocol. I maintain that integration across all channels leads to proficiency. Example: design to supply to distribution to sale and marketing to the customer.
As part of representing a notable celebrity and serving public corporations, I have intimately monitored QC and compliance practices and results.
I have traveled Asia and India for negotiations and improving relations with factories and agents. I’ve worked throughout Canada and Mexico, as well as, traveled Europe. I have toured and monitored warehousing facilities that were an arm of corporations I worked for and 3PL logistics facilities where I have negotiated their services. I have contended with major dilemmas, i.e. embargoes, bankruptcies, weather damages, fire damages and much more.
From a broad perspective, I believe that if the right attention and intelligence is given toward efficiencies of 4 specific areas (inventory, transportation, facilities, information) the overall performance should be a healthy contributor to a P&L. It’s the performers that require that intelligence and attention.
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (Design, Merchandising):
Over my career, I have given a majority of attention to this aspect of Brand building and growing businesses. I believe the greatest value of a Brand is the product proposition. The integrity of product (price-value) is the greatest factor in achieving success. I have worked intimately with Designers and Merchandisers to oversee that the end product is actually what was promised to the customer. I have a very strong sense of trend and direction. I also have great awareness for adding reason and logic to innovation.
I am very assertive, which has helped to secure many healthy relationships in the trade and consumer industries. My early career was spent primarily as a “seller”, so I’m well equipped and knowledgeable on moving product. I have trained and managed large sales groups that included in house and independent sellers.
I have spent considerable years with genius marketers and high- profile Brands. I learned a great deal and successfully implemented much of what I have learned. I have worked closely with PR firms and influencers. I have proven to be very clever in messaging and storytelling. My experiences are with print, media AND digital.
Accounting has generally reported into me. Being inherently analytical, I am very attentive to the path to a healthy bottom line. I am committed to budgets based on discipline and resourcefulness. I believe all expense Line Items should serve as a conduit to ROI.
Over that past decade, as part of launching Brands/businesses, it has been my responsibility to solicit and secure financing to build out every project. I relate well to an investors perspective on finance and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that command interest.