Janice Thongkham


My name is Janice and I am living my best life. I have struggled the last few
years trying to find myself and how I fit into this world, both personally and
professionally. I have always lived to the beat of my own drum and only
recently realized that I am actually at my best when doing so. 

My insecurities used to be my ability to question until understanding, try
without reason, and love without bounds; things that would show vulnerability
and effort, things I used to think showed weakness. Now, I can proudly say
those weaknesses are my strengths. I ask questions not to question, but to
learn. I continue to try and do my best even when I'm given numerous reasons
not to. And I love. I love what I do and who I am and it's something I work on
every day and I have got to say that my life only gets better, the more I do. 

I am at the best I've ever been in my life and in my career and the greatest part
is that i'm only getting started.