Johnny Banh

Johnny Banh

Photographer and Videographer (Freelance)

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I have always been interested in the visual arts and letting my creativity flow. Telling a story through whatever means necessary is something I have a passion for. I got my degree at the Art Institute and I was able to pick up skills in all kinds of media. From photography, film, digital paintings, 3D modeling, etc. I was able to tell a story just by setting up certain aspects of the work. Working extensively in groups as a member and a leader has given me the experience to control what needs to be done in an effective manner. After graduating I was able to take my skills into the real world.

I currently work at Roland DGA, a printing company. The company produces printing machines. When a new product arrives it is my job to help create a webinar to potential customers. We plan out what to shoot and say about the product. Then the day of the shoot cameras, lights, products are set and we are ready to broadcast. After the shoot I would edit the video and then present it online for archival purposes. In addition, I also do photography as a freelancer. I also work at Garden Grove Unified School District as a photographer and videographer. I do all the pre-production, production and post-production on all videos. I also have a broad range from shooting sporting events and portraits.

Highly self-motivated with energy, I am eager to learn new skills and enhance my skills while contributing to your organization. My strengths include communication, maturity, leadership, motivational and the ability to relate with individuals at all levels and cultural backgrounds.