Charlie Martin

Charlie Martin

The only way to grow is to constantly learn new things.

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Over 10 years of professional experience with an accomplished & dynamic background in Marketing, Project Management, Administration & Sales. A demonstrated track record of developing and executing integrated marketing & communications plans from end-to-end. Always eager to learn from others & help others reach their potential whenever possible. Highly adaptable & personable. Detailed project manager with a calm demeanor when balancing multiple deadlines. Strong team member & communicator. Creative & tactful when making a decision. Continuously enhancing a variety of skill sets in order to keep up with this advancing technological era.

Early in my professional career I found that I am not one who is driven by money. Rather what motivates me is achieving new levels of personal growth by accomplishing feats that I once thought were beyond my limits. Marathon running first kick started this quest of personal evolution. These long distance runs were a battle between my will & a that inner voice that told me to stop. Pushing through & learning to overcome that voice has transformed my day to day thoughts & actions which I use in every aspect of my life. I am excited when I come across a subject I am unfamiliar with, & do not get discouraged if a fail at my first attempt. For me success is not in a dollar amount. It’s having the mental fortitude to dream up a big goal, & the perseverance to see it to the end.