Andreas Montano


I bring over 13 years experience as a producer and product manager in highly technical entertainment solutions for desktop and mobile products, as well as an additional 12 years of software development prior to moving into management. My ability for collaboration with all business and product stakeholders, as well as with all technical and creative disciplines needed are key for driving feature and product success at any company that focuses on online entertainment or technology.

My success as a leader and ability to collaboratively drive product and production teams in bringing the best solutions, online services, and operations to market have proven critical for product and company success. Solving for and bringing business solutions to market and driving business performance are lifelong passions and what I use to motivate, drive and lead highly technical teams. My ability to build and drive high functioning teams in agile environments is a key factor to my ability to drive success; recognizing and building talented individuals and teams in a positive workplace is also critical in making this happen and this is where I excel.

I currently reside in Austin, Texas, but I am currently looking for opportunities in Portland, Oregon. Relocation is not an issue or a concern.