Paul Kelly


I have had a camera in my hands since I was 9. There have been two constants in my life since that time - photography and the outdoors. My time in the Navy as a photojournalist raised my skills from a hobbyist level to a professional level.

During my time in the Navy I was expected to be self sufficient. I was expected to not only cover what was happening but also be as agile as those I was covering. Whether it was fast roping out of a helicopter with special teams, shooting photos of SAR swimmers in the water, working on the flight deck of a carrier, or shooting recon/intel photos from a helicopter, I was expected to deliver the goods. In many cases the need to "get it right the first time" was critical to the mission on a much larger scale than just my own concept of success.

While enlisted in the Navy I realized that I had developed the skills to be an exceptional visual storyteller. I gained the experience necessary to operate in austere environments, in difficult circumstances and in the unpredictable. My love for this challenge and the outdoors is what drives me to succeed in creating imagery for my clients. Because I thrive on adversity and challenge and desire to push myself and my imagery to the limit, I would be an excellent asset to any company. If I am outside with a camera in my hands then I am in my element.