Amy Kelly


Strengths: Product Marketing, Sales Enablement, SEM, Product Launches, Positioning, Messaging, Digital Marketing, Product Development, Channel Marketing, Market Research, Partner Marketing, Public Relations, Product Reviews, Amazon Marketing --

Product Launches: Audio software platform, web tools, licenses, headphones, microphones, speakers, IT conferencing systems, digital wireless systems, musical instruments, recording consoles --

I'm a brand and product marketing expert who specializes in consumer goods and audio electronics. I'm involved in all stages of a product lifecycle including development, launches, and sales channel support. The projects I've worked on have both B2B and B2C focuses on an international scale. I'm currently working with a well-known lifestyle brand, but also have deep expertise in building smaller, niche brands.

My skill set includes developing GTM strategies, digital marketing, maximizing partnerships, event management, and cooperating with global offices.