Tom Penzer



I’d like to apply for the Web Developer position you have available. I’m a full-stack web developer with commerce and marketing experience, and a passion for UI and UX excellence.

I’ve recently been part of a sophisticated product team for a large marketing platform provider, helping to deliver marketing campaign creation, performance visualization and policy compliance tools used by top internet retailers. I’m used to a balance of personal ownership and cooperative development needed to get consistent, usable and accessible products delivered in an expected time frame. I’m very effective at communication and working with many stakeholders on projects, and will always go talk with someone rather than spending hours building the wrong thing.

I like being part of a good development team, I value elegant solutions to problems, and I’m skilled at reading code and grasping architecture, code clean-up, or just spotting potential bugs in code review. I enjoy mentoring and being mentored as needed to help our team grow faster, and I’ve always built lasting bonds at the places I’ve worked. I write concise and effective copy and documentation, and I’ve got an eye for detail in both pixels and semicolons. I’m also experienced in writing responsive web software that scales down gracefully to mobile device sizes.

I’ve customized and maintained CMSs (mostly Drupal and Wordpress), and I’ve written sophisticated apps, complete with APIs and data schemas, in modern MVC frameworks in PHP 7 and JS ES6. I’ve also helped architect and build UI libraries used across projects, as well as front end builds, animated vector graphics, sprite compilation, and integration tests. I have a facility for languages, a drive to learn about web technologies, and the persistence to address any challenge I’m faced with.

Speaking of languages, in addition to native English, I also speak fluent French and broken Spanish and Japanese, and I deeply understand the value of software internationalization. I’m also very familiar with web standards for accessibility, and always bear it in mind in the software I help deliver.

Most of the professional work I’ve done is commercial SaaS offerings behind paywalls, but I have a personal blog I designed and built available here:

My github profile housing a few other small projects is available here:

I’ve attached my résumé below. I live in the area for an easy commute, and I hope to speak with you about the role soon.

Thank you for your consideration,
-Tom Penzer
mobile: 831-246-1185