Logan DeBorde


Technology enthusiast with experience in Cycling and Outdoor Marketing, Event Production and Management, Photography and Videography, Software Product Management, Corporate Infrastructure and IT, Consumer Electronics, POS Technology, and multimedia design and production. Just a little bit about me personally... Right after school I thought I was gonna dedicate my life to technology and learn all I could, so I did. But I quickly found out that much desk time was
unhealthy so I bought a bicycle and started riding, racing and loving bikes. So I took a chance and changed careers to intersect my new found love with my professional skills. I don’t look like a traditional cyclist but I lost a bunch of weight overall and love what I do. I’m an accomplished IT/software guy but an even more dedicated technology driven marketer, photographer and videographer now after merging my passions. I can bring my dynamicism to any team and have learned how to better balance both personal and professional lives and am looking for those new and exciting opportunities for honing my skills and learning new ones. I also have an extensive history of volunteerism in the cycling community, including growing social media
engagement for the nation’s largest Mountain Biking club by over 3x and have also created a reputation as being one of the best DJs for bike races in the country while also playing clubs and events nationwide