Gary Boulanger


My entire life has been an ongoing grand experience. As an aspiring artist, I was told repeatedly by adults other than my mother that there was no future in the craft, so I turned to writing, and it's been an enriching journey. I've earned the equivalent of two knowledge PhDs through interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities and 'regular' folks. And for that I'm eternally grateful.

Skills: Networking, proactive communication, analytic, punctual, leader, flexible, persistent, determined, self starter, entrepreneurial, teachable, quick learner, passionate motorcyclist, brand supporter, team player.

My career path includes plenty of journalism, public relations and retail, because I have a hearty appetite for knowledge, data and information. My skills include critical thinking, clear communication, initiative, problem solving, getting along with co-workers, social media, blogging, internal and external corporate communications, editorial management, retail management, customer service, inventory management, marketing, public relations, media relations, event coordination, non-profit development, publishing, punctuality and photography.