Conor McGough


With over 4 years of experience in marketing, business development and brand management, I am an intrinsically motivated and passionate individual.

I have been at CAA Global Brands for over 3 years now on teams such as David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Ricardo Tisci, Playboy and Marley Estate. I hold a current position as West Coast Team Coordinator reporting directly to the President and CEO of the worlds largest brand management company with a combined revenue of 13 billion dollars at retail.

I am identified as a key team member in LA office, successfully managed and partnered with significant business groups in sales, marketing, brand management and celebrity intellectual property for all of our 25 global offices. I have acted as a leader for our current joint venture as well as two acquisitions in London and Los Angeles.

I have a reputation and successful track record for collaborating across all stakeholders, meeting deadlines, solving problems, generating big picture ideas & creative solutions. I have developed close relationships with agents and high level executives.