Haricharan Adhyam Vittal


Supply Chain Management professional with strong New Product Introduction, Material Planning and Leadership experience. I have a special love for developing responsive supply chain network to bring products to consumers faster and innovatively. When I’m not getting my thrills from diving into a novel problem space to solve real-world problems through innovation, I can be found traveling, driving and exploring food varieties.

I’m most experienced in managing contingencies of the launch of new products. I have delivered over ten programs and six car launches during my tenure at Ford and Renault-Nissan. I have used several ERP systems such as SAP, CMMS, GPIRS, WERS, G2B, CATS, MeRLIN, IRIS, and QAD to manage the flow of materials, vehicle production, and product management. I had the opportunity to work with several suppliers around the globe and was exposed to some of the best industrial practices in the world, emerging technologies and business trends. I was able to implement several business process improvements through Kaizen, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing techniques. I’m well versed with PowerPoint presentations, Excel, R, and Tableau.

Curiosity and penchant to learn new things fuels my drive to take on any activity. The road to my pursuit of master’s degree in technology management at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign after seven years of industrial experience is a result of my thirst for knowledge.

Feel Free to reach out! I am always available and excited to chat about technology, driving, traveling or just to say hello!