During almost 15 years I developed a strong professional career in INDITEX working in different brands where I acquired experience in Women Fashion retail, Decoration, Lingerie, Shoes and Accessories; for all of those positions I have always overcome myself in my professionals challenges.

I always had the curiosity to learn new languages like Spanish when I moved to Spain or Arabic where I grew up during my childhood and this year I discovered California especially San Francisco where I have important people in my life.

For a long time I travelled all around the world to transmit the company’s philosophy; which allowed me to discover lots of cultures, countries, usages; all those experiences made me a multi cultural person.

I developed the ability to adapt and grow in any work environment and found the best solution to achieve the entire company objectives.

I have an energetic personality with an enthusiasm for building a strong teamwork and sharing with them the best way to improve the results of the company.
So I think it’s time for me to have a new work challenge to continue learning, transmitting and completing my professional and personal experience in a new company.