Charlotte Holbein


It’s hard to describe the joy that comes from turns in the snow, or pedaling a winding, mountain road. Which is why I consider myself lucky to be able to combine my personal and professional passions and help others experience the outdoor sports I love.

In my current role at POC Sports, I own the management, analysis, and optimization of the North American website and online store. In this role, I thrive in the areas of merchandising, inventory management, and sales forecasting. I’m fascinated by the complexities of international business, which has driven me to jobs in South Africa, Switzerland, and Ecuador. In my current role, I have led both web development and supply chain and logistics projects with teams in Europe and Asia, demonstrating my ability to align and manage teams across the globe.

I work best when I am able to collaborate across multiple departments and problem solve with others in an innovative and entrepreneurial minded work environment. I am always eager for new challenges and seek a life of constant learning.