Lisa Laporte


Lisa Laporte is an experienced professional who is currently working as the CEO of two companies, Artisanal Agency and

Lisa has an extensive professional career, stretching over a few decades. She has a passion for business and thoroughly enjoys her work. Starting out in sales and marketing, Lisa Laporte eventually worked through a variety of positions and roles in different companies. In her 30s, Lisa decided it was time to start her own business, thanks to her extensive knowledge.

Lisa Laporte soon founded a consulting agency. Thanks to her extensive network of professional contacts, she was able to find a multitude of consulting opportunities. Within one year, Lisa was able to hire employees because of the many consulting clients she acquired. After several years, Lisa decided she was ready for another tier of her professional career and moved on from her consulting business.

Eventually, Lisa Laporte joined As she worked through the ranks of the company, she finally settled into the role of CEO. By this time, Lisa realized that there was an area that was lacking in the podcast industry and decided to found her own business, Artisanal Agency, to meet this need. Artisanal Agency helps connect advertisers with TWiT's podcasters and ensures that both parties provide quality to one another.