Renan Maurice


I am a hi-performing, energetic and proficient senior-level sales professional with a career history of proven expertise in developing future growth and providing direction in all aspects of sales operation and business development.
My multicultural upbringing and professional background, paired with my start-up experience, have given me a unique lens by which I take chances and make decisions. Throughout my career I've learned how to actively apply a cross-functional view to other companies, find growth opportunities and make an impact within their industry.
My mission is to grow the business through an unrelenting focus on adding value and help companies adapt to the changing consumer environment and get ahead of emerging market opportunities.

• Possess a proven record of increasing sales, improving profitability, motivating teams & enhancing operational efficiency.
• Expertise in licensing, merchandising, sales, purchasing, expansion, logistics, and full business development.
• Multi-country & cultural exposure; worked and lived in many countries (USA, Korea, Brazil, Argentina).
• BS Economy; Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian; USA residency; Mobile.