Francisco Pezoa


After studying several years IT engineering and understand proceses, while developing my thesis, was really when I found my true passion, brand building. I've been working for more than 6 years as a Brand Manager, negotiating with providers, import and local distribution, I believe I have strong knowledge to develop a good business strategy in any market.

Due to my sales role with retailers and b2b business, I’m really result focused, keeping close attention to KPIs that show you how to improve the brand experience. Also, I believed that things are done by taking initiative and innovating on how to do them when things aren’t working. I consider myself as creative, easy learner and outside the box thinker.

Learning from different markets and cultures truly opened my point of view, helped me to innovate and to work in a team environment. I'm eager to connect people to understand their problems and concerns so we can find a solution together. Always looking for the next challenge and team building experience. I really encourage proactive coop to my colleagues so they can talk about their concerns, problems and priorities, this creates awareness between all team members and commitment to keep improving. Some of the compliments I’ve heard are caring, persistent, motivated and social.