Katherine Holden


I have over 5 years of customer service experience, I am driven to succeed, inquisitive, quick to learn and implement new skills, passionate about protecting the world we live in, and love problem solving. I have a background in Psychology and Sociology and love working with people, in the last few positions I have had to come up with creative solutions and work independently or as a leader of a team and that is where I thrive. I am totally in my element "in the eye of the storm" or during chaotic times and am able to keep a level head and stay attentive to details. For the past three months I have been living and working in Conegliano, Italy, I will be returning to the United States at the beginning of 2019 and am actively looking for work all over the US, when I left I made sure to be in a flexible position so when I returned I could move anywhere for a new adventure.