Jeff Janke


For the last 15 years I have spent most of my time being a creative. Not just shooting photos, at the same time, writing, directing and creating quality content. As my award winning images speak for themselves I can adapt and literally shoot any style, as well as offer mature, creative outside the box ideas to help with creative and marketing. Along side of my photography business, I was a sales and marketing consultant for small to medium size companies.

I am a man who follows passion! To me it is important to do and share with the world what you love. Although I am primarily a Professional Wedding Photographer, I have found myself shooting all types of photographic images.

Photography for me is a strong passion and when someone is passionate about something, in time with much practice and efforts put in, they usually find themselves being pretty good at it. As I love creatively capturing love and emotion, I also find passion in music, movies and art. In March of 2017 my first feature, which I wrote and directed titled:"Highway to Havasu" was released to the world via iTunes, Amazon, Direct TV, Dish, Xbox, On Demand and more. Highway to Havasu is a coming of age spring break, road trip, comedy adventure feature film, which pushed myself and many others to our limits, challenging us to grow and be outside our comfort zone. I share this with you, as I feel that it helps to define the person I am. Following passions like this one, helps us to define who we are, broadens our perspective, challenges us to grow and gives us confidence to create new amazing things in our future. As a professional photographer located in Orange, CA, I look forward to learning more about this position and how we can effectively work together.

Here is a look into my style:

Thank you for your consideration,

Jeff Janke
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