Tobia Cecchin


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What about me ?

I was born when the Wall fell down. Sometimes I like to think of this as a premonition or a good sign.

I grew up in a factory and from the beginning I got the chance to learn how to sew: at the age of 2 I proudly gained 10 stitches on my left hand.

That was my epiphany, which wholly got me in the fashion world. But first, I needed to travel a bit through different fields, from architecture, computer science and finally ending up with my fashion studies. Those years taught me the beauty of eclecticism and left me with a continuous thirst for knowledge and skills. Especially the never ending research trying to innovate any object that strikes me in the everyday life. Or even like the Sustainability, which made me aware of the huge possibilities given by the circular zero-waste materials process.

I consider myself as a fashion and graphic designer. In my personal baggage I do like to embrace also illustration, photography, printing, knitwear, sportswear, menswear, accessories... what else?
Matter of fact is that I can’t really stand boredom, so that’s the point: I am still traveling and I am still here to learn. Fashion is an infinite world, isn’t it?