Nicole Speulda Clouser


Dynamic professional with nearly two decades of market research and strategic consulting experience working across media, corporate, academic and non-profit sectors. Primarily focused in corporate brand health, consumer experience and new product development to drive internal and external branding and marketing efforts, Nicole provides her clients with innovative research designs, and business solutions. Custom research across a broad range of clients in various sectors is Nicole's strength and she has helped shape business objectives and marketing strategies for brands such as the Microsoft, Philips, UnitedHealthcare, ESPN, Stanford University, AARP, E J Gallo, Walmart, Kimberly-Clark and several federal government agencies. Nicole is also a RIVA trained moderator, conducting focus groups, driving online bulletin boards and specializes in IDIs among C-Suite executives. An accomplished author and speaker on a range of research topics including methodologies and key findings, Nicole has been a guest lecturer at The George Washington University, George Mason University and Howard University and Queen's University. In her spare time, Nicole is a docent at the Portland Art Museum where she curates tours and inventive learning for public and private group visitors.