arsalan haque


I joined ING Financial Markets in 2012 as the Head of FX Option Trading. Since having graduated with a
BSc in Actuarial Science from City University London in 1995, I have worked in a range of FX Derivative
roles within HSBC in London and Hong Kong, later moving to UBS Zurich to Head CEEMEA FX Option
Trading. I have extensive experience in trading G10 Vanilla and Exotic option through periods of varying
macro-economic cycles. I have had the opportunity to cover American, European, African and Asian
Regional Emerging Markets during my career.

Recent ING Highlights
I was hired to help turnaround a misfiring Asian platform. My focus was on product development, franchise
engagement, enhanced risk management and management of trading team. I was tasked with devising
and executing the FX option strategy for Asia, in line with head office model. I coordinated and executed
the transfer of our Korean trading operations onto a centralised FXO platform in Singapore. I oversaw the
implementation of new FX option systems and integrated external pricing tools into our workflow. I set up
a licensed FXO trading operation in Shanghai, with ongoing work to expand the product offering in line
with ING client acquisition strategy for wholesale banking. I took the opportunity to represent ING as an
ASIFMA Panel member of their FX Liquidity conference. In recent years I introduced a Deal Contingent
Hedging business to the FXO platform. My main strategic focus for 2018 has been in delivering an
Ecommerce solution that serves as a backbone for a broader innovation roadmap seeking to automate
and streamline our operational workflows, brings efficiency into sales engagement and improve risk
management of Option portfolios through advance analytics of price action and robotics.
Early this year I started exploring how FX tools could be overlaid onto traditional Remittance and Payment
workflows, seeking to either bring in new sources of revenue in addition to the core remittance service, or
acquire potential clients by using FX as a lead product

Trading Style
My P&L track record has been solid and can be verified by senior reporting lines.
I have been described as a person who always has a unique perspective on strategy and markets.
Adaptable rather than systematic, I have over the years, successfully combined medium term macro views
with short term opportunism. My natural instincts put me halfway between traditional styles of technical
and fundamental, and being mostly a flow trader, my vantage point has been reading the people reading
the markets rather than the markets themselves. I try to follow the news cycle trends rather than the news
cycles themselves. I have historically preferred to trade from sell side perspective as I have found success
in leveraging the structural and rebalancing fx flows of the market by interpreting well the FX and FX Option
market price action and deal flows. I also tend to look for relative value in structural imbalances in pricing.

Personal Highlights
I took part in several initiatives to innovate beyond banking and on more than one occasion progressed
to final rounds at the annual ING Innovation Bootcamp Process with a business model built around the
principles of mainstream equitisation of real estate. I have not been afraid to rethink the way we do
everyday things, and have often been told I bring unique perspective to traditional thought process,
challenging philosophical or ideological approaches. I am also working on a book with a working title 'The
Divine monetary system' which seeks to argue how ancient principles of taxation on wealth not only
ensure maximum productivity on money supply, but can be done in a way that is entirely capitalist and
growth orientated in its design. I also have acquired a sound grasp of Blockchain technologies and have
been involved with implementing crypto trading strategies. I seek to bring value in what I do by being
both a revenue generator and facilitator manager of the FX option business, whilst also steering change
towards a tech orientated workflow, through automation, connectivity and analytics.