Chelsey Richmond



Growing up I've always had a passion for design and problem solving. I'd say "Oh this is amazing, but what if this changed to that?" or "Why was this made that way, why not try this instead?". At 18 I knew I needed a way to feed my curiosity and that is what drove me to getting a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design. During school I was hired as an intern for a skate shoe company called Airspeed, a company that was founded by the late Bill Mann. The internship later turned into a full-time position where I sole (pun intended) designer and that was my start in the footwear industry. After Airspeed I worked freelance as well as full-time for established companies and start ups. Working freelance and remotely has taught me self motivation and discipline. The start up companies allowed me to access a variety of projects. I've worked on anything from trade show booths, packaging, logos, magazines ads, photography, social media and more, helping to expand my skill sets beyond shoes. I've also had the chance to work on different sides of the shoe industry, women's, skate, men's dress, motorcycle, and kids footwear. These companies have helped me learn constructions, molds, materials, and how small changes can affect the look or feel of the shoe drastically. Beyond making pretty things I like to know the ins and outs of the manufacturing process, working closely to ensure the development comes out properly and that we can easily streamline the manufacturing process reduce labor, material waste and so on. I've worked with manufacturers in China, India, and Vietnam. Whenever I work with a new factory I like to learn the country and company culture so I know how best to work with the coordinator/developer. My passion for design and problem solving continues to take me on new adventurous paths, discovering even more horrible footwear puns.