Michael Burkeen


INTUIT ? Led the development of the 2017 Global Marketing Expo for 500 employees to develop their skills in marketing fundamentals. ? Modernized the marketing competency model to reflect marketing trends in areas of social media, insights, and strategy. ? Led the development of marketing foundational training in areas of strategy, digital marketing, social media, and communication strategy development. CONAGRA FOODS INC. ? Created the "100% in 100 Days" onboarding tool for Marketing and Customer Development functions ? Developed the corporate university branding and nomenclature for the employee functions to simplify the training course selections ? Established onboarding training program for global marketing and brand management functions ? Created the first-ever Super Bowl and Cannes creative review training to drive innovation and creativity ? Led the development/execution of an annual marketing function offsite to drive employee engagement ? Launched and sustained the Global Marketing Competency Model ? Assisted in developing the overall organizational effectiveness strategy ? Collaborated with team in designing and deploying the Integrated Marketing Process Michael Burkeen PROCTER & GAMBLE ? Led the development of the NPD product launch of Swiffer Dusters in North America. ? Developed and executed brand building training to over 2,000 employees ? Planned and deployed first-ever North American marketing summit for over 600 employees ? Developed and executed annual marketing plans on Gain laundry detergent, Mr Clean, and Swiffer.