Timothy Garrett


As a strategic, entrepreneurial-minded executive, I have had success in providing overall leadership in all facets of business. My experience includes a partnership in launching an active apparel line, implementing a marketing roadmap to capture significant market share within the wireless mobile phone space, and building a very successful action sports advertising/marketing agency.

I have a strong passion and understanding of brand building & lifestyle marketing with deep roots in the action sports and outdoor industries. I would like to believe I inspire success and create solutions, while willing to take risks in order to build and lead a world-class team.

When there’s a clear vision combined with great people in the right system to deliver every day, magic really does happen. I love what I do and I continue to be inspired by amazing people and challenging situations to help find answers to make things run smoother, and have a positive impact not only on the bottom line, but on those people who make the magic happen.